At Minneapolis Business College, Our Students Finish First

Everything we do at Minneapolis Business College is so you can Finish First.

  • Programs take 8-16 months to complete.
  • Classes are smaller and focus on the skills employers need, so your learning can be relevant.
  • Proactive job placement assistance is offered to graduates.

Find out more about how we help students Finish First through our student resources, career-focused programs, and job placement services. 

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Employment growth since 1989 has been driven entirely by those with an education beyond high school.

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Success Stories
Pediatric Medical

In Medical Laboratory Procedures, Medical Assistant students learn specimen collection and testing, such as collecting urine samples from pediatric patients.

Graphic Design Drawing CLASS

Graphic Design students completed their first typography project: creating a collage composed of only text.


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Medical Assisting 5/17

Medical Assistant students practicing CPR! 

Courthouse Trip 5/17

Paralegal students visited the Ramsey County Courthouse and learned so much during their visit! Students spoke with Chief Justice Guthman, Judge Tilsen, Judge Otsby and Assistant County Attorney John Kelly. They also toured the Mayor's office, observed closing arguments in a civil trial and watched felony sentencing. 

Networking Class 5/17

Network class students learn how to make cables that support the internet! First, they differentiate types of cables and how to create them. Then they follow a 3-step process for testing.