Success Stories: Abby F.

Success Stories

Abby F., Graphic Design

I have loved art my entire life, and made the decision to study Graphic Design so I could learn more about it. Every day I see artwork in public and hear people talk about how amazing the art looks and I always think to myself, "One day, that's going to be me they are talking about and that's going to be my piece of art every one is amazed to look at." To have something I've created, and viewed as a so called "Master Piece" with my name at the bottom would be the most amazing feeling and accomplishment in my life.

There are many reasons why I choose to attend Minneapolis Business College, but mostly because it seemed like the perfect fit for me.  The atmosphere was perfect. At my first college visit I felt like I was going to be growing up as I attended the school.  I knew from the beginning that I was driven and really focused on what I was doing. The teachers were extremely nice, straight forward, and actually cared about me and giving me the help I needed.

My experience at MBC was great. It was a great environment.  My teachers were amazing!  Our Graphic Design instructor was there for me when I really needed help when I was struggling with my grades and with my health. The teachers at MBC truly do care about their students. The pace of the program was perfect for me.  

 I went on 2 interviews soon after I graduated. Both interviews went great, and I was offered both jobs. I decided to accept the Letters Layout Artist position with Gemini Inc.

My life is going great right now.  I do not have to worry about money and not being able to pay my bills on time. I love the way my life has turned out.  I’m only 20 years old and have a full-time job and an education. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the life I have now.

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