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History of Success.

Minneapolis Business College has served the career education needs of students and employers in our region since 1874.


Minneapolis Business College provides short-term, quality programs emphasizing hands-on skills, professionalism, and critical thinking to students seeking immediate entry into their careers.

Minneapolis Business College focuses on students' career preparation through these initiatives:

  1. Treat the classroom like the workplace: Students attend class regularly, dress like professionals in their field, acquire professional social skills, and gain meaningful and relevant experience from faculty members who have worked in the real world.
  2. Provide accessible student services: Students receive financial aid advising and can utilize residential facilities.
  3. Focus on career placement: Students receive advising in resume development, job applications, interview preparation, and salary negotiation. Career placement advising is individualized.

While holding to our mission and objectives, the faculty and staff of Minneapolis Business College continuously strive to move toward the challenges of the future. The continuing success of Minneapolis Business College has been largely due to a student population of highly motivated people, a staff of dedicated teachers and personnel, and the respect and acceptance of the business community.