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Computer Programming

Languages. Databases. The Web.

The world of computer programming is continuously evolving as new technologies become available. Programmers must evolve along with the technology and enjoy learning new things. Achieving success as a computer programmer isn’t only about the code, though. Employees need programmers who can also troubleshoot and communicate effectively.

Minneapolis Business College’s 16-month Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares you for an IT career through a combination of technical, analytical, and problem solving skills. You’ll be ready for a variety of IT positions, including web development, computer programming, and even database design.

Our curriculum is regularly updated to ensure students are learning the programming languages and technologies that employers are using. You’ll also spend most of your time in classes directly related to your program.




At Minneapolis Business College, our Computer Programming faculty has real-world experience, so they know what it takes to succeed. 

You’ll have plenty of hands-on projects where you’ll hone your technical, problem solving, and communication skills. 

Computer Programming students learn about:

  • Key Programming Languages 
  • Database Concepts 
  • Website Development 
  • Network Administration

 Most classes in the Computer Programming are specific to preparing you for a successful IT career, so you can graduate quickly and with the skills employers want.



Minneapolis Business College offers a 16-month Associate of Applied Science degree program for students seeking the core skills that will help them start their computer programming careers. Most classes are specific to preparing you for a successful IT career, so you can graduate quickly and with the skills employers want.

To read course descriptions, download our school catalog.



  • IT Customer Support
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Computer Concepts
  • Computer Applications - *NIX
  • Database Concepts
  • Database Applications
  • Networks
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft Network Administration
  • Web Authoring Tools
  • PC Hardware and Diagnostics
  • Implementing and Administering Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Introduction to Java
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Project Development
  • Programming Logic
  • .NET Programming
  • Advanced .NET Programming
  • Advanced Java


As an MBC graduate, our job placement department will help you start your career! We’ll also be there to prepare you by helping with resume writing, interviewing practice, and job searching. 

In addition to your career courses, you will take courses that prepare you for your job search by helping with resume writing and interviewing practice. Most importantly, the Career Placement Department is available to help both recent graduates and alumni through out their career.   



MBC graduates work in:

  • Computer programming
  • Software documentation
  • Technical support 


As long as you stay enrolled full-time at Minneapolis Business College, your tuition rates will stay the same.  Financial aid programs (for those who qualify) are available to help you cover the cost of attending.    

Associate of Applied Science Degree Program
TUITION (for students entering January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018)
Tuition Per Semester*
ADMISSIONS FEES (for students entering January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018)
Application Fee
Tuition Deposit**
Confirmation Deposit**
Residence Fee Per Semester*
Estimated Books and Supplies (for completing the program)
* A.A.S. Degree Program is 4 Semesters
** Deposit is credited towards tuition when the student begins classes. It is not refundable after the due date.